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About Prodeg

Prodeg Consulting Service has been in business for more than 30 yrs. For the last 30 yrs company has been offering its consulting services in a different field. Their main target is to raise their customer customers’ profitability and productivity. The company’s headquarter is in Curitiba.

The company provides consultancy to medium and large organizations in commerce, industry and services, and unions and professional associations. Based on ethics, transparency, and the following principles, PRODEG offers quality services, providing its clients with more efficient and effective strategic and operational results…

A consulting firm provides access to experts in a wide range of industries. Companies and organizations can hire these consultants to meet a specific need in the short or long term. The term of a consultant’s office varies from one month to several years.

Company management is the set of all organizational and administrative functions, leadership, and management. The top manager’s task is to manage the activities effectively to ensure the company achieves its objectives.

As you well know, business management is complex, and only with experience will the manager be able to identify the best business strategy to obtain the desired results.

Sometimes, the path the manager has to face is very long and marked by errors that strengthen and outline his professional figure. There is only one element that the perfect business manager must take into account: the understanding of numbers.

For the management, having a figure who understands numbers better than words means counting on an essential resource for the company’s good.

The primary purpose of prodeg consulting firm is to provide the necessary structure to meet consultants and clients. Businesses typically specialize in one or two areas, both as a way to build a recognized brand and to get the most efficiency out of a list of consultants. Information technology, engineering, and strategic leadership are the most common areas of interest.

Know the qualification of a Management consultant Firm

The skills must be in high demand, and the candidate must have above-average skills and qualifications. For example, a person with more than one or two years of management experience at the retail level would not be suitable for a management consulting firm. However, a divisional manager with more than eight years of progressive experience and a college degree in management is ideal.

Little known to VSE and SME business leaders, consulting allows managers to receive operational support from consultants, providing them with the insights and knowledge they need in their expertise and experience.

Companies seeking short-term help with business challenges, strategic direction, or business processes often seek assistance from a management consulting firm. Companies must have a clear project scope before meeting with the consulting firm. Some key factors include the services required, the necessary level of expertise, and the desired outcome.

Organization structure of Consultant Service provider

The prodeg is responsible for coordinating the assignments and supporting the consultants. When the contract is signed with the client, the case manager creates the project plan and allocates resources to the various stages based on requirements.

As the task progresses, they must review progress, determine if additional resources are needed to meet deadlines, and then adapt the project plan as required.

In addition to the practice manager, there is usually a combination of senior consultants, analysts, and subject matter experts. Each consultant has a specific skill required to complete the project.

The Director of Practice’s responsibility is to encourage cooperation and information sharing. The prodeg also has a project coordinator assigned to each practice team. They manage team management, including payroll, attendance, and expense management.

As an employer, creating your paystubs may be a good idea since it will save both parties time and money. A professionally generated check stub is also very useful for workers who need to show their income to lenders in order to qualify for loans and other significant expenditures.

Role of Consulting Service

Prodigy takes the form of activities to improve a company’s performance. The consultancy begins with a planning phase in which actions are devised according to the company’s needs.

In the second step, we move on to the assisted implementation of tailor-made solutions. Finally, checks are carried out to verify that everything leads to achieving the predetermined target.

The link between management consulting and management control

The management consultancy ends with the carrying out of the rules. The consultants help the company management introduce the new control systems and train them on the correct procedures for verifying progress and achieving results.

We speak of management control, but in the same way as management control, to specify the activities capable of achieving the objectives set in the previous operational planning phase. On the other hand, the control activity is a verification carried out by comparing specific deviation indices between the goals set and the results achieved.

As a consequence of the control, given a certain distance between objectives and results, it is adopting adequate corrective measures to improve company performance.

Typical services of a management consultancy

  • Management consulting requires you to study the services that typically combine: risks, competitive analysis, drafting a business plan, financial-economic analysis, management to achieve quality certifications, etc.
  • To summarize, business management consultants support company administrators in managing the company by educating them on good practices and providing them with adequate tools to set targets and monitor their achievement.
  • All this, in practical terms, produces a decrease in business costs and the advantage of accurately assessing risks and investment opportunities, screening turnover, and determining commercial rates.


Developing corporate strategies involves identifying and planning the economic-financial, technical, human, and managerial resources necessary to achieve the set objectives. From the industrial plan, we then move on to drafting the Budget, which allows us to quantify the operational purposes set out in the program over a short-term horizon.

For the setting and definition of the Budget, it will be necessary to carefully evaluate the current state of the company, starting from the analysis of the recent past to understand what will happen in the future and passing through a careful analysis of what has changed and a severe prediction of what will still change.


Transformation objectives and strategies into specific action programs and working methods involving all the company’s internal and external budgeted resources.

It is not sure that the Budget is definitive and shared in the first draft. On the contrary, the “zero revision” Budget is often reached through a path of changes, adjustments, and compromises, to the advantage of the general equilibrium of the company.


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